Today we visited Delhi!
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  • Today we visited Delhi!

    I woke up at 3:30 AM this morning feeling like I had slept a good twelve hours. I love the heat and I’m very excited to go out and visit Delhi with Chloé today. I believe we will be visiting Akshardham Temple and Rajpath, but I’m not 100% sure I remember the plans correctly. In the meantime, Itchy is keeping me company!

    Update: We’re on our way to Akshardham Temple! Traffic in India is insanely disorganized.

    Some more New Delhi traffic:

    Casual life in New Delhi:

    We weren’t allowed to take any electronic devices in the Akshardham Temple, but we could pay to have our picture taken. This is a photograph of a print of the original photograph.

    Cute little relics inside the cab:

    The top of India Gate:

    Chloé walks in front of India Gate:

    Monument in front of India Gate:

    Street vendors at India Gate:

    Chloé and Avtar, the taxi driver, standing in front of his cab:

    There’s a Subway! And a KFC! Anyway the subway was pretty exciting.

    I’m getting some overpriced stuff from the merchants. I don’t really like to bargain too aggressively; I’d rather give them the extra dollar.

    Yes yes, I’ll remove my shoes, sorry!

    Some not-so-friendly-looking street merchant:

    And this is where people buy stuff!

    I liked how these guys had their arms up.

    Sharpening tools on the street:

    Chloé and I went to eat at Chutney in the Metropolitan Hotel!

    Driving around: