The flight from Delhi to Leh
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  • The flight from Delhi to Leh

    I have taken a lot of pictures in the last four days, and more of them turned out to be good than I expected so I will be splitting this story into shorter posts, starting with the flight from Delhi to Leh. I was lucky to be seated near the window, and all the photographs in this post were shot through the dirty, scratched and smudged, thick airplane window. Like I said, they turned out much better than I expected.

    This was my first shot and I was all excited to see the mountains over the clouds. I never expected what would soon follow.

    This is when things started to be real serious: glaciers and mountain peaks everywhere… Once again, excuse the image quality because this was shot through a seriously crappy window.

    Here’s when we flew over a Himalayan valley:

    There’s a different angle on a valley:

    Truly breathtaking landscape.

    A lonely mountain stands:

    There’s not much story to this, but I thought all these pictures were interesting. Here’s more of the Himalayas!

    This is one reason why travelling to a destination 150km away by land can take up to ten hours in mountaineous terrain.

    More of the view:

    At this altitude, almost all (if not all) of the trees are plantations. Naturally there would be no greenery, but you’ll see some of it around villages here and there. The land is otherwise extremely dry.

    This is the village of Leh, our destination in Ladakh. We slept at a guesthouse (Maryul) somewhere in the middle left portion of the village.

    Here is another village while we made a roundabout in preparation for landing:

    The plane flies between mountaineous peaks. It’s awesome.

    And here we are landing in Leh.

    Stay tuned for the next update on this four day trip in Ladakh!