The drive southward and into the Canadian Rockies
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  • The drive southward and into the Canadian Rockies

    I left Fort McMurray early in the Morning and had an oil change after four and a half hours in Edmonton. My initial plan was to reach Calgary (about three hours and a half from Edmonton) and find a place to stay there for the night.

    Plans quickly changed, however, and I decided to go horseback riding for five hours at Lake Louise the next morning. That meant I had to drive an extra two hours or so to a ski lodge an hour away from Lake Louise (accomodations at the lake are crazy expensive… I am told one hotel has rooms ranging from five hundred to a thousand dollars a night) and spend the night there. On I went.

    I can see the Canadian Rockies! After driving for days in completely flat country, the sudden appearance of this great mountaineous wall was breathtaking.

    I will probably update this very post with a couple of pictures of the ski lodge, so stay tuned! I need to go to bed now.