The Amer Fort
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    This is the facade of the City Palace: the honeycomb designed Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of Wind. The royal ladies, who lived in seclusion, observed life on the outside yet remained unseen.

    I think this is a muslim sitting in the back of a truck. In India, many men prefer not to show their greying hair by dyeing them orange. It is a very common practice, but this is the worst case that I have witnessed (I think he missed a spot). Very bizarre.

    Some tourist arriving in the Amer Fort on the back of an elephant:

    A lady tending to the gardens inside the fort:

    Pictures from inside the fort:

    They have over one hundred tourist elephant taxis at Amer Fort.

    The city of Jaipur as seen from the Fort:

    More gardens along the river:

    Street sweepers asking for money:

    I ordered some Chicken McNuggets and this guy showed up for delivery. Just kidding.

    People living in the streets everywhere: this is their home.