I’m having a pretty fly day so far
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  • I’m having a pretty fly day so far

    I’m waiting at Halifax Stanfield International Airport and there’s free wi-fi here so I thought I’d make a first teaser post! I haven’t gone far enough to see many elephants yet, so you can expect this short post to be updated soon.

    Updated with more airport stuff: here’s the friendly Continental Airlines flight attendant.

    This was somewhere around New York City, shot from afar.

    An airplane taking off at JFK:

    Airport people working on their stuff:

    And I’m finally seated in my last flight from New York to Delhi! I can’t stop thinking of what Chloé’s reaction will be like when she sees me dropping by in Delhi.

    Kids selling toy planes on the streets of Delhi:

    Despite all the attempts at secrecy, Chloé was expecting me with a sheep cake I could eat: no milk, no eggs! Awesome!