Horseback riding in Lake Louise (part 2)
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  • Horseback riding in Lake Louise (part 2)

    We climbed up to a tea house on top of another mountain. The place was really crowded by tourists and everyone was getting food and drinks. Perhaps not surprisingly, I skipped the meal and went running around to take pictures of the place.

    I belive this is the lake that flows into the waterfalls and into Lake Louise. It was raining, but the lighting was good so I took a few pictures of the place:

    You can see the tea house over there on the left:

    When everyone was finished eating we went down and I continued the tour alone with my guide. This picture was taken at Mirror Lake, not very far from Lake Louise.

    And on we rode!

    I liked this background so much I took two pictures of it!

    These are some of the few decent pictures I got of Lake Louise. It was incredibly beautiful but the weather was really getting in the way and my pictures weren’t turning out so good.

    That concludes my tour of Lake Louise! I would love to come back here one day with a special friend: Lake Louise took my breath away for a good five hours and I would have gladly spent more time there.