Gold, diamonds, gems and woodwork in Delhi
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  • Gold, diamonds, gems and woodwork in Delhi

    I have pure gold (24kt) in my hands!

    The store owner produced with a tray of assorted gems. Quite nice but not particularly impressive!

    And then he takes out his rubies, at 400$ a piece. Now we’re getting somewhere!

    Diamonds? No problem. Here’s a tray of small ones for you to play with. I swear I have never wanted sticky fingers so much in my entire life.

    But who wants tiny diamonds anyway? It seems so silly, especially when you can get some of these big boys (priced at about 20 000$, these are probably worth much much more in Canada).

    Oh, you’re not impressed yet? There’s a few of the same, but there’s a bigger one too.

    Emeralds just for fun. This seems rather boring after the diamonds.

    Multi-coloured sapphires:

    I like the blue sapphires:

    Here’s a pretty interesting woodworking shop we went to:

    I’m ready for the drive back home!