Georges de Paris is a thief and a terrible, unprofessional tailor
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  • Georges de Paris is a thief and a terrible, unprofessional tailor

    I’ll keep this short. Contact me if you’re a newspaper or if you’re interested in the details. I went to Georges de Paris on August 2011 to get my pants hemmed on my new Hugo Boss suit and to buy four tailored white shirts (that’s expensive).

    I’m a student in Canada so I arranged to have him ship everything to my address as soon as it was ready. Except the shirts were never ready, and the suit was two months late. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Even though Georges de Paris had taken all my measurements, he cut my pants at least four inches short. Thanks for ruining a suit I didn’t get a chance to wear, Georges.

    His business card says he does business in four or five languages, but really this guy can’t speak French anymore (if he ever could). His English is so bad, I have to speak like a baby with him. I have called him at least fifty times since I came back to Canada, and it is just impossible to get him to send me my shirts. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau to report him, but he hasn’t answered to them.

    There’s not much I can do at this point to fix my suit, to get my shirts, or just to get my money back. I don’t have the energy for another lawsuit. I’ve tried everything else. Georges de Paris is a Thief and a liar (without even mentioning how evidently fried his brain is, or how poor what he calls his tailoring is, or how he lacks in professionalism), and it pains me to deface him on this website of mine, but I feel like the victim here. He took advantage of my naïveté, and this is the least I can do to get back at him.

    The original (much happier) post can be seen below.

    Meet Georges de Paris, tailor to the presidents, in Washington, D.C.