From Winnipeg to Regina: a whole lot of scenic prairies
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  • From Winnipeg to Regina: a whole lot of scenic prairies

    The prairies are full of bright yellow fields like this one:

    Here is what the people of Manitoba look like in their vehicles:

    A lot of the highways I took weren’t even paved! This made for an even more interesting drive.

    Tractors doing what tractors do:

    You can see at a distance vehicles moving on the highway, leaving behind them impressive dust clouds. I’ll venture to say that this is probably not good for my car, or my lungs, but that’s okay. I expect worst in days to come!

    I think on that day I saw more trains (counting by wagons) than I saw in my entire lifetime.

    There were many ponds like these along the highway: they looked man-made to me, but I’m not sure, and I don’t know why.

    This part of Canada looks like it has a more sophisticated industry than back home: these are a common sight.

    And there are some things here that are less sophisticated also!

    Mini-Wheats cereal littered across the fields:

    A machine to do some machine-stuff:

    Trees are much scarcer along the highway here.

    Approaching Regina, in Saskatchewan, you see a lot of these pollution-fabricating machines.

    And there is Regina, I think!

    I did not stay long there (in fact I didn’t stay for a minute) and I just kept driving towards Saskatoon. Stay tuned for Saskatoon!