From Moncton to Montreal
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    To most of my Canadian friends, the images in the next posts will probably not be as impressive as those I took in India. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, it is a technical limitation of my obligation to keep my hands on the wheel and my eyes on the road that prevents me from taking pictures of what I want when I want. Secondly, as much as Canada is one of the richest, most beautiful countries in the world (so I think), I think we take much of it for granted because we’re so deeply immersed in it. Thirdly, because I spend most of my time driving from a place to another, I am getting a different kind of adventure out of this, with less time to photograph interesting people and strange things.

    This trip is about driving, and so the pictures I will post will consist largely of landscapes and cityscapes I find along my way, with the odd adventure off the road and into the walking-lands.

    These pictures are fairly typical of the beautiful New Brunswick highways:

    Surprise! We’re now in Quebec!

    I love this mountain! It means Montreal is nearing! It has so strange a shape, in the middle of flat-lands.

    I met with Jean (one of my high school friends) in Montreal and we went out to eat some excessively expensive burgers because we didn’t know any better.

    At least my burger was super fun! It’s a burger without the bread: instead, it is wrapped in salad. Not as messy as it sounds!

    If I recall correctly, I went to bed at Jean’s place at around 2:00 AM and left Montreal at around 8:30 AM the following morning, heading for Chicago. Stay tuned!