From Delhi to Jaipur
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  • From Delhi to Jaipur

    Gurgaon skyline, just outside of Delhi. It’s pretty simple: DLF owns everything here.

    On thursday I left Delhi for a 250km drive to Jaipur. The highway here is not very different from a normal Indian street. Scenes from the highway:

    We made a stop at some place. Here’s what an indian bird looks like:

    I saw a man make a stop at the same place as us, walk to that tree, break a branch and use its foliage to clean his teeth. He was using the tree branch as a toothbrush…

    Here’s the side of our car:

    More scenes from the side of the highway:

    There was a little child looking at me in the truck in front of us.

    People repairing trucks on the side of the highway:

    An Indian man in an indian bus.

    My first camel!

    My first elephant!

    We’re just outside of Jaipur and I’m taking some pictures of the Amer Fort.

    This is Jaipur: quite a big city, though not as dirty and smelly as Delhi.

    Visiting the City Palace:

    I’m helping the carpet maker to do his work:

    I’m visiting the Jantar Mantar stone observatory. The sundial indicates 12:07.

    Oh and there’s also a bigger sundial just in case the other one was too imprecise for you.

    I’m visiting a block printing and carpet factory:

    Here’s a quick demonstration of the block printing process:

    When it’s ready, they soak it in saltwater so the natural dyes change to their final colours. They then rinse in normal water to achieve the final unfading colours.

    My guide holding up a carpet design. They make these pixel art templates on paper and the carpet maker uses it to make the knots in the right order.

    Part of the process involves trimming the carpet with special scissors.