From Chicago to Winnipeg: a late night adventure
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  • From Chicago to Winnipeg: a late night adventure

    Just after coming out of Willis Tower (I got a souvenir tee shirt and a coffee mug!) I set off again for Winnipeg. The american highways are awesome. Here’s a bit of roadside scenery:

    After a while, when it was completely dark, I ran into a bit of a problem on the road. There was some debris on the road (maybe a piece of tire) that was the same shade of black as the road, so I didn’t even try to avoid it as I didn’t notice it. It broke the splash guard under my car, and it hit something else which made the car sound really bad (I learned later my exhaust was bent somehow). I pulled over, took out some rope and tied the dragging piece of plastic up. I drove the remaining five hundred or so kilometres to Winnipeg without more problems than annoying and ugly noises.

    I arrived in Winnipeg at 4:00 AM, had some MacDonald and by the time I was finished the local GM Goodwrench service department was about to open, so I went to get my car fixed and took a two hour nap while they did it.

    After my car was fixed, I felt oddly energetic (maybe because I was excited the damage wasn’t so bad as I had feared) so I set off for Edmonton, planning to go through Regina and Saskatoon on my way there, just to say that I had seen these cities.

    As I was driving out of the city on the highway, I had to stop because a bunch of birds absolutely had to cross over to the other side.

    Stay tuned for the rest of my drive to Edmonton!