Day 2 in Ladakh (part 2)
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  • Day 2 in Ladakh (part 2)

    The next monastery was a distance away from Leh, and the driver took a “shortcut” through tiny winding streets and little bridges. This was a little scary: when drivers in India fold their side mirrors, you know it’s going to be really tight. The bridge was not much wider than a little canadian sidewalk.

    Yes, this happens in real life. We had to wait a bit for the sheep traffic to dissipate before moving on.

    I hopped out of the car and quickly took a picture of the scene before getting in again.

    There’s the unassuming monastery on top of the hill! You can see the living quarters of the monks all around the place.

    There was a little restaurant just outside the monastery and we sat down for a bit of lunch.

    This is our driver having lunch with us:

    Chloé was hanging out with cute little monks.

    It seems like they are always rebuilding or fixing something. This was interesting.

    This is in the monastery’s courtyard.

    Inside the temple:

    More temple stuff:

    Chloé and I are enjoying the day. The view is wonderful and we’re having so much fun!

    Part of the monastery being rebuilt:

    A female worker goes around with her stuff:

    I too want to try the basket!

    The driver wants to bring us to his village, where there is another monastery, so we take a shortcut in the shortcut and land on a long dirt road.

    There is the driver’s village in the valley.

    I zoomed in on some sort of gathering in the village, but I’m not sure what it was all about.

    Classic view.

    This mandela is made of coloured sand. It took 8 monks 1 day to complete.

    Interior architecture:

    Here is our friend the monk!

    Chloé looking like a princess again:

    Stay tuned for days 3 and 4 of our trip to Ladakh, for which we planned an overnight hike in the Himalayas!