A quick pass through the borders and through Seattle
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  • A quick pass through the borders and through Seattle

    This post is ridiculously short because I simply didn’t spend any time in Seattle. I easily could have, but some new plans came up that forced me to hurry down to San Francisco. More about that in another post!

    I had to buy a new pair of shoes in Seattle because my old ones were really worn out from India and they were getting quite uncomfortable and full of holes. After entering Seattle (see picture), I made a quick stop at the Diesel store, got some shoes, and went on south towards Portland.

    This is the space needle and the Seattle skyline:

    From all the cities that I have driven through up to this point, I found Seattle to be the most confusing to drive in. I would love to revisit one day with more time to spend! That night I spent in Portland (which is also quite a nice city) before driving down to Sacramento (quickly) and San Francisco. Stay tuned for the next episode!